Hasting Deerings – CAT Rental

Customer: Hasting Deerings – CAT Rental
Brief: Hi-Volume Fuel Quick Fill Installation
Details of the job:

Drain fuel tank into clean pod for re-use. Remove covers, railings & fuel lines from tank. Remove fuel tank from machine & flush out. Cut out holes in tank for Banlaw Quick Fill breather & receiver. Flush out all contaminants. Weld in bell receiver shell & 2" socket for breather. Flush out all contaminants. Pressure test tank. Paint affected areas. Re-fit tank into machine. Modify outer fuel cover panel to suit receiver. Fit panels, railings & connect fuel lines. Re-fill tank. Test machine & wash down.


  • Banlaw Quick Fill Receiver
  • Banlaw Receiver Dust Cap
  • Banlaw Weld In Receiver Shell
  • Banlaw Auto Shut Off Breather