HSE / Territory Iron

Customer: HSE
Date: 12 DEC – 13 DEC
Details of job:

HSE engaged Hosepower to supply and install burst valves onto the boom and stick cylinders for their Hitachi Zaxis 330 LC. Instillation was done on site approximately 250 km's from Darwin at theTerritory Iron Francis Creek mine site.

The job required modification of the existing steel pipes, tapping into the machines hydraulic system, setting the relief valve and pilot valves and running hoses. Finally testing was carried out to ensure the machine functioned correctly with minimal hydraulic lag and that the relief valves where set to the correct settings.

All modifications and testing were carried out on-site.

Hose Burst valves or Boom lock valves are installed in case of a hydraulic hose failure. Upon hose failure, the hydraulic cylinders do not drop suddenly which may causing damage to the machine, surrounding plant and preventing injuries to personnel.