Ostojic - Mt Bundy Quarry

Customer: Ostojic Group
Date: September 2013
Job: emergency repair of hydraulic hoses

As part of Hosepower's 24 / 7 emergency breakdown service, our staff were required to attend a breakdown at Ostojic's Mt Bundy quarry. The Hitachi EX800H excavator had damaged a hose on the main lift cylinders and required immediate repair. Hosepower staff carried out the repair and associated testing and the mobile plant was back operational without any major lost time.

The Ostojic Group operates in many remote and regional areas of the NT, WA and QLD. Hosepower is committed to servicing our clients needs.

Hosepower has 6 fully equipped field service trucks based in Darwin. These service trucks are equipped and stocked with all necessary equipment, tools, hoses and fitting to allow prompt and efficient repair at client sites. These mobile service trucks are all equipment with GPS satellite tracking to ensure prompt service is delivered in a safe manner.