Van Oord "Oceanus"

Customer: Van Oord
Vessel: Oceanus
Description: Repair 2x leaking luffing cylinders on the Main Service Crane
Work Site: Shorelands wharf area & aboard Oceanus Multi Cat vessel

1. Cylinder Removal.

2x luffing cylinders on the main service crane aboard Oceanus were leaking from the rod seal area. Carry out Van Oord inductions. Load tools & forklift on Oceanus to carry out repairs. Remove 2x luffing cylinders from the main service crane. Found the front cylinder pin locking ring grub screw seized. Unload 2x cylinders from Oceanus at Shorelands & transport to Hosepower Workshop for repair.

2. Dismantle Cylinders & Inspect

Drain 2x cylinders of all hydraulic oil. Set up cylinders in hi-torque breakdown bench. Dismantle, clean & inspect.

3. Repairs

Thoroughly clean all seal/wear grooves & component surfaces. Drill out 1x damaged piston retaining grub screw. Hone cylinders. Repair minor damage to cylinder base & rod end bushes. Set up cylinder base retaining pin in lathe & repair minor damage to thread. Replace all seals, wear rings & fittings. Drill & tap new piston retaining grub screw threads. Fit new grub screws. Re-assemble cylinders. Test both cylinders to 340 Bar as per customers request. Paint exposed surfaces with primer. Load cylinders for transport.

4. Cylinder Fitment & testing

Travel to Fort Hill Wharf for transfers to Oceanus. Thoroughly prepare pins & associated parts for assembly. Clean & linish pin grooves on crane (grooves had excessive grime build up due to water ingress). Set up rear pin for cylinder installation. Utilise chain block & scaffolding to complete task. Use copper anti-seize on all specific components to aid in future repairs. Test crane in all operations. Fit cylinder rod guard.